How to use legal copywriting to show clients your firm is tech savvy
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How to use legal copywriting to show clients your firm is tech savvy

Businesses want to work with digitally savvy law firms at the cutting edge of technology. But what if you don't have deep pockets or proprietary tech to show off?

2023 was the year of widespread technology adoption in the industry, largely driven by client demand. More and more businesses, across various sectors, now rely on AI, automation tools and data analytics to function.

Increasingly, they want to work with legal service providers who match their level of digital acumen.

While some of the bigger firms have caught up, mid-size and boutique firms are taking longer to recognise the value in communicating their technological adeptness.

The good news? You don’t need to spend resource on developing proprietary tools.

But you should, at the very least, be tweaking your marketing materials inhouse or with a legal copywriter to show how you are staying ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Law moves towards technology

A recent Thomson Reuters survey uncovered a staggering 58% increase in the adoption of AI and automation by law firms in the past couple of years.

The sector is genuinely evolving, embracing AI and technology not just for the sake of innovation, but to effectively tackle client challenges. As a result, legal services are becoming quicker, more precise and financially smarter.

 Take Allen & Overy's ContractMatrix as an example – a platform that could reduce contract analysis and review times by as much as 70%.

 Or automation platforms like LexisNexis's CounselLink, which promises to cut down the time legal teams spend on admin tasks by 40%.

There’s also exciting movement within data analytics: tools like Premonition give law firms a glimpse into the future, allowing for better prediction of case outcomes. It analyses court data and identifies patterns that help in choosing the most effective litigation strategies.

This shift towards integrating technology into legal practices is transforming the field, making legal services not only faster and more accurate, but also more aligned with client needs.

Technology is now central to the modern legal practice. Firms that leverage AI, automation and data analytics are not only improving efficiency and accuracy (and cutting costs), but they’re also aligning themselves with the expectations of increasingly tech-savvy clients.

What if I’m a boutique firm without deep pockets?

Not all firms have large budgets for investing in software or developing proprietary technology.

The good news is there are small steps you can take to meet the changing demands of your clients. We’re going to focus on strategic communications in this article.

Your marketing materials can bridge the gap between overhauling your IT systems and being perceived as stuck in the dark ages. The words you choose should show your clients you’re keeping pace with a fast-moving environment.

Use your website, brochures, blogs and newsletters as opportunities to demonstrate your approach to digitisation and the accessible, efficient legal technology tools you are using. You want your copy to demonstrate how this approach benefits your clients.

This strategy not only showcases your commitment to innovation, but also reassures clients that your firm is equipped to meet their modern legal needs.

Start with your website.

Make sure it's mobile-friendly and fast-loading, with a clear, easy-to-navigate layout.

Then, tweak your existing copy. Highlight your use of legal technology (even if it’s small scale) through dedicated sections or pages that explain the benefits, such as streamlined communication via client portals or faster case resolution with AI-powered research tools.

In brochures, translate the technology jargon into benefits. Instead of saying "We use AI" explain how this technology saves time and increases accuracy in legal outcomes.

If you’re testing new software, let your clients know. Blogging about your firm's exploration of new technology is a brilliant way to showcase your commitment to innovation and how these advancements can improve legal outcomes. Have your partners share the piece on their LinkedIn.

Even if you decide not to implement the technology, this kind of content reinforces your firm's reputation as a forward thinking and client focused practice.

Add new case studies or testimonials

Case studies and testimonials are both powerful tools, but they serve different purposes. Both can be used to add credibility to your digital capabilities and build trust with potential clients looking for modern legal services. 

Case studies provide a detailed analysis of a particular project or situation, showcasing your firm's approach, the implementation of technology and the outcomes achieved. They're narrative, in-depth and often technical, aimed at demonstrating the firm's capability and the tangible benefits of technology adoption. 

Testimonials, on the other hand, are client endorsements that offer personal insights into the client's experience working with your firm. They're shorter, more about the client's perception and highly effective at building trust and credibility.

If you can, gather both. Together, they illustrate not just what you do with technology, but how well you do it and the impact it has on your clients.

Consider your SEO

If you’re looking to attract forward thinking, digitally native clients, consider optimising your website for technology search terms.

By integrating legal and technology-related keywords into your web pages, blog posts and case studies, you can improve your online visibility for potential clients who value digital proficiency in their legal advisors.

As well as updating existing copy, create new blog posts and case studies about how technology enhances your legal services, driven by a sharp keyword strategy. 

Don’t forget about your meta descriptions or titles! If you’re not confident with SEO yourself, hire a freelance legal copywriter or agency that offers SEO services.

A final thought 

Embracing technology is important for sustainability in today’s market. For gaining a competitive edge with new clients, but also for enhancing existing relationships.

But don’t be fooled into believing only the magic circle that can talk about harnessing technology. 

While adopting AI or automation tools can refine operations and client interactions, thoughtfully updating your digital presence can also help demonstrate your proficiency and commitment to innovation.

Start small and tweak your marketing materials to solidify your reputation as a forward-thinking firm.

As you gradually work towards implementing a comprehensive ‘tech stack’, remember, every step towards technology integration signals your firm’s dedication to progress and client satisfaction.

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How to use legal copywriting to show clients your firm is tech savvy
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