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Got writer’s block? Let me take over.

I’m here to help you build a community of referring clients with every piece of content, even if it’s technical or complex.


What is a corporate copywriter?
Think of me as words for hire. Copywriters help businesses talk to their customers. We write words for websites, brochures and marketing content to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Me? I work with B2B clients in finance, law and property, creating story-driven copy that gives them a competitive edge. I’m a website copywriter, blog writer and more: I offer a suite of copywriter services including thought leadership, white papers and case studies. I can turn my hand to pretty much anything with words.

I believe all good copywriting starts with a story. A compelling narrative turns your readers into paying clients that come back for more.
Five reasons to use copywriter services

  1. Save your sanity: focus on what you do best
  2. Good copy turns browsers into buyers
  3. You’ll be found faster online
  4. Guaranteed consistent content to build your brand’s voice (that you don’t have to write)
  5. You can stop worrying about where that comma goes

What is STORY.?
A B2B copywriting studio that writes high quality, well-researched content for clients in complex and cut-throat industries.

Founder Caroline Voaden’s story-driven approach doesn’t rely on tired stereotypes or overtly salesy tactics. Instead, it gives you a competitive edge.

She’s been in the business for over eight years, telling tales and crafting narratives for all kinds of clients from small start-ups to big household names. In earlier chapters she worked in fast-growth communications agencies and leading consultancies across the UK and Australia.

How much do you charge?
You can download the STORY. pricing guide here (UK rates). I’m not the cheapest B2B copywriter, but I offer competitive rates for an experienced corporate specialist. I’m good at what I do and have the experience to prove it.

If you’d like my rates in a different currency, email me.

What companies do you work with?
Mostly fintech, SaaS, accountancy, property and legal businesses, as well as marketing agencies who need quality words, fast.

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of B2B clients, big and small.

Who don’t you work with?
STORY. isn’t for you if you’re looking for hardcore sales copy. I don’t believe sleazy, marketing-101 copywriting works in the long run.

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